Bouteloua curtipendula
Sideoats Grama (Native)

Bouteloua curtipendula
Sideoats Grama (Native)

Bouteloua curtipendula,
Sideoats Grama (Native)

Variable, 6 – 36 inches tall, perennial, warm-season, sod-forming bunchgrass, with short rhizomes. The largest and most widely distributed of the gramas. Adapted to all soil textures but least tolerant to loose sands and dense clays. Very palatable, nutritious forage. Moderate grazing tolerance. Valuable species for range, pasture, watershed and wildlife habitat improvement projects. It is important to select a compatible variety or native seed source. Minimum precipitation is 10 – 12 inches. Plant spring/summer ½ inch deep. 159,000 seeds/lb.

Named Releases:Butte’ (Cultivar) selected at NE AES from collections from Holt and Platte counties NE.

‘Elreno’ (Cultivar) Released in 1944 by the SCS PMC and AES in KS. Outstanding in leafiness, forage production and vigor and also good in disease resistance, seed production, and winter hardiness. Adapted best in KS, OK and N. TX

‘Haskell’ (Cultivar) Released in 1983 by the PMC, AES & ARS in TX. Selected for rhizome production, high forage palatability and seed yield.

‘Killdeer’ (Informal) Released in late 1960’s by the Bismark, ND PMC. Has outstanding vigor, leafiness, disease resistance and good persistence in a cold semi-arid habitat.

‘Niner’ (Cultivar) Released in 1954 by the SCS and NM and CO AES from a ecotype from by Socorro, NM.

‘Pierre’ (Cultivar) Released in 1961 by the Bismark, ND PMC and SD AES. Has outstanding vigor, leafiness, disease resistance and persistence in a semi-arid habitat.

‘Premier’ (Cultivar) Released in 1960 by the TX AES and ARS. Has good seedling vigor, seed yield, drought-tolerance, upright growth form and leafiness.

‘Trailways’ (Cultivar) Released in 1958 by the NM AES & ARS. Has good winter- hardiness, long-lived, late maturing.

‘Vaughn’ (Cultivar) Released in 1940 by the NM AES and SC. Has erect leaves, good seedling vigor and easy to establish.

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